Barefoot World Atlas Review


Barefoot World Atlas Book and App.

I know their been countless number of review on this book and app, But it just that amazing. I seriously was iffy when I first saw it come out , but once we got this book we were all amazed. It has so many detail and you can look at this book for day and discover something new every time. It great even my five year old loves the book.  He can’t read the word yet but will flip through and open the tab and flaps just discovering all the new places and things.  My husband and I  both love this book as we too love learning about the new places and find it quite intriguing.  You really can travel around the world with it while learning about all the country, their culture, landscape, resources, and animals. I must admit that Barefoot really did outdo them selves when making this book. Then on top of the great book their in now an app for iPhone  ipod, and ipad. So of course we had to get it. It just as amazing and complement the book very well. You can listen to the different music of each region of the world while scrolling through the screen. Then click on an object it will pop up a new screen where you can watch the animation  listen to the sounds of the animals and such, and then read or listen to learn about the object. It truly a great thing for road trip or a few minutes of quite when out in about that keep my son learning and entertained  Even my one year old loves scrolling through the screen and listen to the music and animal noises.

If you like to purchase the book Click HERE.
For the app visit the App store in your I tunes  and search Barefoot Book World Atlas..

Here some images from both the book and the app. Though they really are amazing it is best to see this book and app in person as word and pictures do not do it justice in my opinion.. ..

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