30 Days of Thanks


I am taking a 30 day of Thanks Challenge  I will post each day (may make two post in one day if I behind) something I am thankful for and a brief description why, shoot I may even Include photos. So wish me luck, and Join in by click on the photo above and leaving a comment saying you joining in, you can even leave a link where you be posting you 30 day of thank Challenge so others and myself can visit. 

Day 1
I am Thankful for my Husband.  This month will make 4 year together and 2 years of marriage, I am very blessed.. He has been my biggest support in life, work, and everything. He the one why I am able to own my own business. He supports me emotional concurring  my own fear and over coming challenges I have due to my past. He the own that has allowed and encouraged me to go back to college and counties even further with my bachelors  We have are rough patch and fight like any other couple, but we are overcoming many challenges in life together  and I could not ask for a better support, motivator, Father for my children, and Friend.

Day 2
I am thankful for my Kids. Without them I do not think life would bring me so much joy. My life revolves around my children the make me laugh constantly, keep me busy, and I can not imagine life with out them. They drive me crazy , yet I would never change that for the world. I glad to have both of them to support and guide to be productive, caring, imaginative individuals.  I want them to stay small forever, but can not wait to see how great adult they will be.

Day 3
I am Thankful for God. I know everyone has different beliefs and I respect them all. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior and God as his father and our creator. I am thankful to be able to live each day with hope and faith. I am thankful for all the blessing he has given my family and me in our lives

Day 4
I am Thankful for mother nature. It is just shear beautiful to watch the sun raise and set. The tree for our fresh air. The land for producing our food and helping us survive.  I just wish we could all be more appreciative to this and help protected what greenery we have left.

Day 5
I am thankful for My barefoot business. It a blessing to help promote literary and seeing a child imagination fly. It also has been a great help supporting my family and allowed me great opportunity to give back to my community and others in need.  I love my job and it give me great joy to be sharing these amazing books.

Day 6
I am thankful for my Friends. WE really have been a great blessing to us these past few months. They help us get through a lot as we our selves are struggling financially as we booth enter into new jobs. I so glad I have them as they help by getting our son on the bus, letting us borrow a few clothes for our new job orientation  and even really blessed by providing us enough meat to last us a month all this without asking for anything in return. They are a good send and I could not ask for better people to surround us in this life.

Day 7.
I am thankful for the country I live in. Yes, I may not be happy with our economic situation ,but I so glad I able to live in a country that allows me to work and share my opinions. It may not seem all that much but I glad I can worship they way I so choose, Teach my children what I want them to learns, help others, share my opinions and so much more without being punished for being a women. It a tough time for everyone in America and other parts of the world right now so no matter what Candidate  would have been chosen to become president we still would have had issues.  I am  just  thankful I still have my rights and I able to live each day the way I so choose.


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