I really excited to announce Books for Tots 2012.
I going to be donating a 10% percent of all my sales now through Nov. 19  to get books for the Toys for Tots  drive.
(Toy for Tots is a national recognized organization created and run by the US Marine Corp. That collects and distributed Toys to needy children across the US).

I will also be collecting and taking donation for books and other toys at all the event I will be attending this holiday season.
If your not able to attend and still would like to donate you can make a purchase at http://www.amber-Guillet.barefootbooks.
Click on the Books for Tots event link .

Want to donate a specific Barefoot Item of you choice or money to allow me to purchase more book to give?
Email or contact me at amber.barefootbooks@gmail.com and let me know which book or items. You will pay my price for the book (30% off retail price) and pay via paypal invoice.

I can’t wait to be able to give a ton of great books to those in need. I really do believe every child should have book at home and be able to have the tool to learn to read.  I myself have been the child and had the children in need of items from toys for Tots and other great organization that have help myself and our family. I appreciate all of them and the people that donated to help.
I also seen the need for literary throughout my own family.  I have many relatives that do not know how to read past a 5th grade level and even more that have trouble reading and writing  Having a books in the home and have the support to learn to read is such a fundamental thing many of us forget about. So let give back and get books out there to those who may not have one or anything to read at home.

I would like to say Thank You to everyone that will/has purchased from me this holiday season and donating items. It really means so much to allow me to give to those that need it. I so excited to be able to do this and give this time instead of receiving.


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